KoiCARES Warranty

Koi Computers’ systems are shipped with our KOICARES Standard 3-Year Limited Warranty. We are dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding and satisfactory support services.

1. LIMITED WARRANTY. Koi Computers’ systems are shipped with our KOICARES Standard 3-Year Limited Warranty which begins from the original system invoice date. It provides limited warranty and covers components that fail due to manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. We also offer additional warranty options such KOICARES ADVANCED or KOICARES NBD (8 x 5) which can be purchased with the original system purchase. To determine the length of warranty that came with your system, please refer to your packing slip or invoice.

  • 8 X 5 Next Business Day On-Site Services
  • 3 Years (4th and 5th year optional)
  • 3 Years (4th and 5th year optional)
  • 3 Years (4th and 5th year optional)


2. EXCLUSION. Excluded from warranty coverage are acts of nature, such as electrical storms, floods, fire, etc., acts of war and terrorism, criminal acts, and other customer damage and negligence.

3. NON RETURNABLE. All computer systems from Koi Computers are custom configured systems and are not eligible to be returned for credit. Systems can only be returned for warranty replacement or warranty repair.

4. ACCEPTANCE. All computer systems sold shall be deemed accepted by Customer unless (a) within 10 calendar days from invoice date, the Customer notifies Koi Computers in writing that the system(s) are defective; OR (b) the Federal Government has specified a specific Acceptance Testing Criteria and period. During this period, advanced replacement part(s) will be rushed to Customer to replace the defective part(s).

5. SHIPPING DAMAGE. Customers are responsible to refuse all packages that arrive damaged. Customers need to notify Koi Computers within 24 hours from the delivery date if a computer system was delivered damaged and will need to provide pictures of the damaged packaging in order to obtain a RMA number. Customers take full responsibility for accepting any packages damaged during shipping.

6. TECHNICAL SUPPORT. During the Limited Warranty period, Koi Computers will provide product technical support. The scope of technical support consists of helping you diagnose and resolve problems with defects in computer systems integrated by us. Koi Computers will ONLY be able to provide technical support on OS installation to the original end user if the OS was purchased as part of the computer system from us. Koi Computers is not the manufacturer of the software or operating system and does not guarantee that software or operating system will be free from errors, either in isolation or in combination with hardware.

7. Standard 3 Year Limited Warranty

7.1. Koi Computers’ KOICARES STANDARD 3-Year Limited Warranty includes email and phone support, troubleshooting and return to depot repairs.

7.2. Prior to receiving return-to-depot service, Customer must contact Koi Computers for initial troubleshooting and an assignment of a RMA number as provided in Section 12 below.

7.3. In the event that Koi Computers’ Support is unable to resolve outstanding technical issues through the remote troubleshooting process, Koi Computers’ Standard Limited Warranty service covers return-to-depot repair. Koi Computers will utilize return-to-depot repair to resolve hardware issues by either attempting to replicate the problem or replacing defective hardware and resetting factory defaults.

7.4. The Customer is responsible for properly shipping the system to Koi Computers’ Lombard, Illinois facility at Customer’s risk and expense. Shipping instructions are available upon request from Koi Computers Support.

8. Optional KOICARES ADVANCED – Advanced Parts Replacement Warranty

8.1. Optional KOICARES ADVANCED Parts Replacement Warranty is not included in our Standard KOICARES 3-Year Limited Warranty but is an option that may be purchased at an additional cost. In the event that Koi Computers is unable to resolve outstanding technical issues through remote troubleshooting, Optional Advanced Parts Replacement Warranty (if purchased) covers the cross‐shipping of components in the event that a component fails. All components and systems are shipped with limited 20‐calendar day (from ship date) return for advanced replacement on DOA parts and components. Advanced Parts Replacement Warranty must be purchased with the original system purchase, and will be indicated on your packing slip or invoice.

9. Limits to Advanced Parts Replacement Warranty

9.1. KOICARES ADVANCED Parts Replacement Warranty can be purchased at the time of system purchase and must coincide with the duration of the KOICARES STANDARD 3-Year Limited Warranty of the associated system. (For example: Customer may not purchase a 5-Year Advanced Parts Replacement Warranty with a 3-Year Standard Limited Warranty, but may purchase both a 5-year Advanced Replacement Warranty with a 5-year Standard Limited Warranty).

9.2. Koi Computers will make commercially reasonable efforts to cross-ship components covered under the KOICARES STANDARD 3-Year Limited Warranty and Advanced Parts Replacement Warranty. In the event that a component cannot be cross‐shipped, Koi Computers will work with Customer to identify an alternative.

9.3. Koi Computers is not responsible for part manufacturers’ delays and will use reasonable efforts to notify Customer if cross‐shipment of components will be delayed due to such delays.

9.4. Replacements under the Advanced Parts Replacement Warranty may be delayed for specialized components (e.g., SED‐ or FIPS‐enabled hard drives, embedded CPUs, etc.).

9.5. All requests for Advanced Parts Replacement Warranty require an accompanying RMA number as provided by Section 12 below. This number will be generated by Koi Computers Support during the troubleshooting period.

9.6. All defective components that have been replaced with cross‐shipped parts must be returned to Koi Computers at customer’s cost and risk within 20 calendar days of the replacement parts being shipped. Components not received within this time limit will be invoiced to Customer according to the payment method on file. This invoice is not refundable. Prior to and as a condition of Koi Computers cross‐shipping replacement parts, Customer must provide a payment method that will be invoiced for parts not returned within the 20 calendar day return period.

9.7. Koi Computers will cross‐ship replacement parts using ground courier service. Options for faster shipping may be available at Customer’s request for an additional charge.

10. Optional KOICARES NBD – Next Business Day On-Site Warranty

10.1. KOICARES NBD provides Next Business Day On-Site Warranty which can be purchased in addition to the KOICARES STANDARD Limited Warranty and can be added at the time of purchase of the associated system. Next Business Day On-Site Warranty consists of onsite parts replacement at the Customer’s premise. A technician will be dispatched to replace any defective components that are covered under the service agreement. Koi Computers will first conduct remote troubleshooting prior to dispatch in order to identify which components need to be replaced. Replacement parts must be present at the service location prior to dispatching an onsite technician.

10.2. Next Business Day On-Site Warranty includes onsite service and 24/7 phone support, which runs concurrently with the Standard Limited Warranty coverage term. Onsite service can also be purchased on a pay-per-incident basis. At the time of service, the technician will need to have the full address of your system's location and will need replacement parts onsite prior to arrival. A service technician will be dispatched to your location to service your system, according to your service level.

10.3. A third‐party service provider will be contracted by Koi Computers to provide the Next Business Day On-Site Warranty service at the Customer’s premises. The contracted service provider will provide warranty services based upon the service level and length of service you purchased from Koi Computers.

10.4. The service technician generally will be dispatched to arrive at your location for onsite service on the next business day; Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. If a request for onsite service is received after 3:00 p.m. CST, or for other reasons beyond Koi Computers’ reasonable control, the service technician may take an additional business day to arrive at your location.

10.5. All Next Business Day Warranty Support requests require a RMA Number generated by Koi Computers during the troubleshooting period.

11. Limits to Next Business Day On-Site Warranty

11.1. Regular holidays include New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, and other holidays adopted by Koi Computers from time to time. 24 x 7 help desk service is not affected by holidays, but onsite service is the next business day after the holiday.

11.2. Prior to requesting Next-Business Day On-Site Warranty service, the Customer must contact Koi Computers for initial troubleshooting and assignment of a RMA number.

11.3. Service area will be discussed at the time of purchase of your system(s). Customer must let the Koi Computers account manager know where the system will be physically deployed so that the proper service can be purchased. Customer also must promptly inform Koi Computers in writing of any change in the physical location of any system that is subject to the Next Business Day On-Site warranty. If the service location does not match the originally stated service area, the Next Business Day warranty services will be void (without a refund), or an additional change may be invoiced at the time of service.

11.4. The contracted service provider will schedule a time with Customer for onsite service. The technician will follow up prior to their arrival to confirm the visit. If Customer is unable to be present for the onsite service visit, Customer must contact the service technician in order to reschedule and avoid an additional or “missed call” service fee.

11.5. Customer must provide the service technician with access to your location and system(s). Customer must ensure that the service technician will have safe and well ventilated and illuminated working space, electricity, Internet connection, local telephone line, and any necessary security credentials prior to the service visit. If these requirements are not met, Koi Computers is not obligated to provide onsite service pursuant to the Expanded Services or otherwise.


12.1. Koi Computers is not responsible for any loss of software or data during the diagnosis or repair process. It is the Customer’s responsibility to make a backup of the software and data on your system’s hard disk before sending the computer system or components in for repair.

12.2. Please have the following information when requesting the RMA:
• Original Invoice Number
• Product Part Number
• Product Serial Number
• Description of Problem Readily Available

12.3. Koi Computers may not be able to issue a RMA number without the information listed above.

12.4. Contact our technical support team via email: support@koicomputer.com or call (630) 627-8811 and provide the information above. Our support team is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am CST to 5:00 CST, excluding holidays.

12.5. All components returned for credit or advanced replacement must be 100 percent complete; they must contain the original boxes and material (if available). Serial numbers and UPC stickers must be in place.

12.6. Do not send cables and manuals with the RMA. They may not be returned.

12.7. Products returned without a RMA number written on the shipping label will be refused.

12.8. Please send the RMA to the address below with the following information:
• Koi Computers, Inc.
• Attention: Tech Support
• Ref: [RMA Number]
• 200 West North Avenue
• Lombard, IL 60148

12.9. Items returned as defective found not to be defective or found to be damaged will be returned to you. If that product was advanced replaced to you according to the limitations of its warranty, the product will be returned to you and the invoice for that product or the advanced replacement product will become due.

12.10. To help prevent damage in transit, it is suggested that the component or server be further protected with additional shipping materials. Items received damaged will be refused.

12.11. Koi Computers strongly recommends that you insure shipments to us or you accept the risk of loss or damage during the shipment.

12.12. Warranty coverage includes one way shipping for Koi Computers to return the replacement component or repaired system. Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping and returning the component or server to Koi Computers for RMA. Items with COD or freight collect charges will be refused.

12.13. All repaired or replacement RMAs are returned to Customer by our carrier of choice.

13. Other Limitations to Coverage

• All components sold hereunder shall be deemed acceptable by Customer unless, within 10 calendar days from date of receipt Customer shall notify Koi Computers in writing that such product(s) are damaged or defective.
• All out of warranty products returned for repair are subject to $50 diagnostic fee and $75 per hour repair charge.
• RMA numbers are only valid for 14 calendar days (after RMA issuance date). After 14 calendar days the RMA numbers will be no longer valid and the shipment will be refused.
• Damage to products being returned, that occurred during shipping, is the responsibility of the shipper. Customers are not to withhold any payments due, pending outcome of shipping investigation.
• Do not deduct credits for returned parts or components from the current balance. A credit memo will be issued when your return has been received and processed.
• All items not meeting above conditions will be refused.
• Hardware additions by the Customer are not covered by this warranty.
• Software not preinstalled by Koi Computers, upgrades, modifications, or configuration changes done by the Customer are not covered by this warranty.
• Software is not covered under warranty. Customer agrees to pursue any warranty claims for defective or incompatible software with the manufacturer of the software product.
• Koi Computers is not responsible for any loss of software or data during the diagnosis or repair process. It is the Customer’s responsibility to make a backup of the software and data on your system’s hard disk before sending the computer system or components in for repair.
• Individual component warranties will be voided if the components have been altered in any way, including without limitation: products that have been scratched, defaced, labeled or indelibly marked, tampered with or if serial numbers have been altered, or if factory sealed parts have been tampered with or broken.
• Warranties will be voided if product has been damaged by actions that are beyond our control, including for example, impacts, fluids, fire, flood, wind, earthquake, lightning or similar disaster, war, strike, lockout, epidemic, destruction of production facilities, riot, insurrection, material unavailability or any other Acts of God.
• Warranties will be voided if products have been damaged through misuse, abuse or mishandling, including without limitation the unauthorized modification of the system as a whole or any individual component, and/or the attachment of peripheral devices, or limitations placed by the manufacturer specifications.
• Warranty Services will be completed within a period of time deemed reasonable by Koi Computers and/or the manufacturer.
• Extended warranties do not extend the warranty period for peripherals such as monitors, mouse, keyboards, printers, or any other components external to the computer.
• Special-order items, items that are not normally carried, sold, or advertised, are considered to be final sale and not returnable. This includes items used in custom computer system builds. Customer agrees to pursue any warranty claims for defective special-order items with the manufacturer of hardware product.
• Most manufacturers' warranties apply to defects encountered during normal use of the product while following manufacturers operating and installation instructions. These warranties generally do not apply if the damage or defect results from: (a) failure to follow such operating or installation instructions; (b) any negligence, mishandling, or accident; or (c) use of unauthorized parts or service.